Beneficiary 2

Universitat de Girona (UdG)
QBIS research group

QBIS group belongs to the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis of the University of Girona in Spain. The group is led by Dr Miquel Costas and Dr Xavi Ribas. It was established in 2006 and since 2009, the research laboratories of QBIS are situated in the Science and Technology Park. The Park (ca 50.000 m2) brings together numerous research groups and enterprises from a wide range of fields in the experimental sciences. The main investigations of the QBIS group belong to the field of catalysis with first row transition metal complexes. A first line entails the development of synthetic models of iron, copper and manganese-based enzymes involved in O2 activation, as a basic principle toward the development of bioinspired oxidation catalysis. A second research line aims at the use of copper complexes as catalysts in Ullmann-type reactions, a third important topic is framed within the field of supramolecular catalysis, and it is targeted the preparation, via coordination-driven interactions, of self-assembled supramolecular structures. The fourth topic of interest involves the development of bioinspired chemical technologies aiming at addressing energy related problems, such as water oxidation or H2 production. The strong background that the group has in the field of small molecule activation and bioinspired catalysis fits perfectly well with the project presented in this application and ensures the perfect training environment for young investigators interested in the field.

NoNoMeCat Projects

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Miquel Costas and Dr. Ana Company

Project 1: Fe-Catalyzed Stereoselective C-H Oxidation
Appointed ESR: Marco Cianfanelli

Project 2: Functionalization of light alkanes with earth abundant metal catalysts
Appointed ESR: Valeria Dantignana