Beneficiary 9

Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO)
Department of Chemistry

The University of Bretagne Occidentale (UBO-Brest) is a university of western Europe, offering education to about 20,000 students in a wide range of studies. UMR 6521 ‘Chimie, Electrochimie Moléculaires et Chimie Analytique (CEMCA) is a CNRS and UBO (Université de Bretagne Occidentale) laboratory. It was created in 1996. The laboratory develops research in magnetic molecular materials, phospholipids for DNA vectors and gene transfection, design of polyamines for medical imaging and radioimmunotherapy, organometallic models of hydrogenases and supramolecular models of electroactive enzymes. It participates in several national research programs (ANR) and foreign exchange programs (PHC-EGIDE, etc…)


NoNoMeCat Project

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Philippe Schollhammer and Dr. Catherine Elleouet

Project 1: Design of electrocatalysts inspired by the active site of [Fe-Fe] hydrogenases
Appointed ESR: Andrea Mele